Precision Pentatonics - Free Sample

Greg Barnett
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This is a free sample of Precision Pentatonics which includes HD Video Demonstration & Breakdown, Backing Tracks (Slow, Medium & Fast) & PDF Tab & standard Notation of Lick 3 of the full 10 lick package. See below for the description of the full product and trailer -

Precision Pentatonics is a 10 lick, video instructional download package for guitar players who want to take their technique to the next level using the pentatonic scale. Included in the package are -

- Full HD Video Demonstrations & Breakdowns Of Each Lick

- 3 Backing Tracks At Slow, Medium & Full Speed To Practice To

- PDF Tab & Standard Notation Transcriptions Of Each Lick

- Bonus Solo (HD Video Performance, Backing Track & PDF Transcription)

- Free Copy Of My Solo Construction DVD 'Shred Metal Licks'

The licks begin with straightforward drills & single string runs which develop into large, wide interval stretch fret-board gymnastics covering the Legato, Alternate Picking, String Skipping & Tapping techniques.

Watch the trailer here:

Click here for the full product:

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Precision Pentatonics - Free Sample

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